Our Team of Experienced Insurance Professionals

~ From the Desk to the Field ~

What Separates OSC From The Rest?

This is simple. Every Team member, regardless of their position or responsibilities, has an insurance background. Our success has been based on our ability to “Talk the Talk”. What do we mean? We mean that we have been on the other side. We have directly worked for dozens of carriers and TPA’s, and we know the ins and the outs of how Insurance Carriers operate. 

We know claims, We know Process, We know Coverage, and most Importantly, We KNOW Policy. 

Our Team of Insurance Experts knows exactly what is covered, how to get it covered, how to get it paid, and mostly, not be denied by an inexperienced adjuster. Just because an adjuster says “That is not covered”, or the famous words “I am not paying for that”, does not make it factual. Recent storms and claim activity has shown that 87% percent of active claims adjusters have less than 13months experience. Unfortunately, in today’s market we can’t depend on the adjuster having proper training and experience to handle the claim. 

Why is this so important? 

Well, most importantly, we know how to speak their language. We know the insurance process. 

This gives us a leading edge in our Market as we know the who’s, what’s, and when’s. We know the to do’s and we know the not to do’s. We are always up to date on current codes, compliances, and the guidelines different insurance carriers are held to. 

No two carriers handle or pay their claims the same. In fact, two separate adjusters from the same insurance carrier can inspect the same damage(s) and then submit two totally different estimates. How does this make any sense? Unfortunately, this inconsistency within carriers is common amongst the industry. It’s the reality of dealing with insurance claims today. Did you know that the process and guidelines are handled completely different between Catastrophe & Daily claims? This is just a small example of the many things our Team is Highly Experienced in. 

Let us take the guessing and back and forth off your hands. We ensure you are paid for the work you performed. From a single nail to permits, labor hours, and the overhead that goes into your jobs, we are here to make you whole. 

Our Team of Insurance Professionals has worked with over 50 different Insurance Carriers. We